Mission Statement

missionstatementImagine this. Our philosophy is that when you get here, it’s all about you.  You’re “it”.  The entire visit with your doctor or physiotherapist is centered around giving you an experience uncommon in today’s impersonal medical world.  After all, you are a dignified human being with specific needs that require talented people who truly care.

Our goal at Synergy Chiropractic & Sports Rehabilitation is to markedly improve your life. Pain relief is usually the first step.  Restoring your human potential and optimizing your health is next.  We continuously ask ourselves the question, “how can we best serve your health needs?” We live in that question.  And the answer, in short, is always the same: a commitment to excellence in everything we do. Excellence is the answer.  It’s what we value most.  As such, our staff is continuously upgrading their knowledge base in order to give you the best.

Synergy Chiropractic & Sports Rehabilitation combines several specialties:  chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapist, psychologist and other rehab specialists.  Each patient is assigned to their own personal doctor who knows and understands each patients’ personal and often complex needs.  The physiotherapists’ and doctor’s goal is to help you move from pain, injury, or dysfunction to pain-free restoration of function in the shortest possible time.