Taveon Rodgers Westlake Village CA Chiropractor

Taveon Rodgers Westlake Village CA Chiropractor

Visit https://heallikeapro.com to learn how to Play Like A Pro, Heal Like A Pro, and Recover Like a Pro – Synergy Chiropractic!

On and Off the field our bodies must be supported and maintained to obtain the highest level of performance. Our team at Synergy Chiropractic and Sport Rehabilitation combines the expertise of Dr. Eric Blum and Dr. Kyle Knox to achieve just the excellence and 100% of what your body can achieve through their Play Like a Pro health philosophy. Their program will combine the essentials of not only physical health through exercise and nutrition but achieving optimal health and power through natural chiropractic care.

Synergy Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation
31360 Via Colinas Westlake Village, CA 91362
(805) 492-1500

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Dr. Eric Blum

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