Custom Orthotics

Revolutionary Materials for Comfort and Pain-free Movement

Light Orthotics01 / Custom-shaped deep heel cup
Enhances stability and promotes the natural cushioning of your heel fat pad

02 / Shock-absorbing heel foam
Provides additional impact protection under your calcaneus

03 / Form-fitting medial arch support
Our accurate arch fit provides the most noticeable difference in long-term support and comfort

04 / Fascia Flex
Our patent-pending design enables elastically responsive support under your plantar fascia

05 / Breathable PU comfort foam top layer
Unlike most orthotics, we utilize a textile-lined open-cellular foam to wick away sweat and help keep your feet cool

06 / Dual-layer forefoot foam
The top layer foam enhances breathability and comfort – the bottom layer foam provides added impact protection

07 / Dynamic lateral arch support
Enables a secure fit for your entire foot, while still providing sufficient flex during gait

08 / Advanced composite support plate
Our lightweight composite design includes unidirectional fibers and our proprietary light-curing resin


Light Orthotics have the most advanced composite design of any orthotics available. Our dual-stiffness laminate design, along with our Fascia Flex feature, ensures support and stability when standing, yet just the right amount of “give” when in motion.


Our new technology enables the most precise fit possible because we are able to transform a flexible material into a shaped orthotic device using a light- curing process (no heat). This capability is truly unique to Light Orthotics.


Our thin, advanced composite support plate helps reduce the overall weight of the orthotic device. Light Orthotics are generally up to 50% lighter than traditional custom orthotics.


Light Orthotics include a textile-lined open-cellular PU top foam to improve breathability. This is unlike most custom orthotics that use closed-cell foams because they are assembled with solvent-based glues. Light Orthotics can also be hand washed.

Check out the video below to learn more about our revolutionary custom orthotics: