Recovery Pump

Train Hard – Recover Harder

Help athletes increase training volume, improve performance & reduce risk of injury with RecoveryPump.

Recovery is the most overlooked aspect of the training formula. Smart recovery is what consistently separates top athletes from the pack.

RecoveryPump has revolutionized the way in which athletes can now recover after every training session. Used during passive rest time to simulate an active recovery session, RecoveryPump’s unique compression sequence is designed to rapidly accelerate the body’s reabsorption of metabolic waste. This allows the body to recover more quickly without expending further energy resources.

Clinical Studies have proven that the RecoveryPump system supports the body’s natural ability to flush metabolic waste from the muscle. This medically proven “flush” sequence quickly restores the delivery of nutrients to the muscles.

By accelerating the natural recovery process, RecoveryPump allows athletes to have better quality workouts, higher weekly training volume and reduces the risk of injury.

The Recovery Pump Advantage

What makes RecoveryPump the best compression therapy tool on the market for advanced, daily muscle recovery?

Superior Compression

RecoveryPump’s special flush sequence from distal to proximal, enhances blood flow during use and increases the effect of the therapy. Sequential Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (SIPC) compresses the entire extremity before deflating for subsequent compression cycles. A unique bottom-of-the-foot chamber in the RecoveryBoots also optimizes circulation by delivering compression to the plantar venous pump in the foot.

Recovery Specific Pressure

Pressure can be precisely adjusted at any time (even during a cycle) and is designed to increase circulation to relieve muscle soreness and pain. Systems that exceed a pressure higher than 80mmHg may compromise muscle recovery treatment by constricting blood flow, diminishing the desired effect.

No Warm-up Time

RecoveryPump is ready the minute you are. Simply turn the device on and the compression wrap fills to complete pressure during the first cycle.

Backed by Research

SIPC is the only form of pneumatic compression with proven results both in the medical field and sports physiology. *Studies indicate SIPC like the RecoveryPump can help improve an athlete’s performance capacity, reduce the risk of injury and allow athletes to increase their training volume. (Engineering of Sport 2006 Tom Waller, Mike Caine and Rhys Morris)

No Rx Requirement

Forget the hassle of a Doctor’s visit. There is no longer a prescription requirement to purchase the RecoveryPump System. It is now an Over-The-Counter (OTC) device.


Recovery Pump