Performance Rehabilitation

When you live an active life, you’re sure to experience a few aches and pains, such as knee pain, low back pain, joint pain or shoulder pain. More than 10 million sports injuries are treated each year in the United States. Our doctors are uniquely skilled in sports injury rehabilitation because of our expertise and extensive training in the nerves, muscles and skeletal system, and how these systems work together.

Beyond decreased pain, you’ll gain better mobility and function as well as range of motion. We’ll start out with an examination to find the source of your pain. Chiropractic, neurological, orthopedic and physical testing help us determine a treatment program.

We will personally design and guide you through a custom rehabilitation or fitness program.
Exercise is an essential factor in injury prevention, sports conditioning, and injury rehabilitation.
We can help you with muscular imbalances, faulty neuromuscular coordination, inadequate ligament or tendon strength, inadequate muscle or cardiovascular endurance, inadequate muscle bulk, problems with flexibility and problems related to body composition.

Our on-site facility will then maximize your healing and revitalization time so that you heal like a pro to keep your winning edge.